The Best Solution For Your Utility Relocation

    • Obtain utility owner contact information, description of facilities, and a PDF version of the owner’s atlas, if available, from each utility owner.
    • Provide utility research for project reconnaissance, preliminary engineering reports, and feasibility studies.
    • Conduct a site visit to observe presence of above ground and underground facilities.
    • Review survey to identify discrepancies between the survey, field data, and information provided by the utility owners.
    • Provide a brief written description of existing utility owners which can easily be merged into a preliminary engineering report or an alignment study.
    • Conduct site visits during construction to verify utility relocations are complete and are relocated according to the proposed plans.
    • Coordinate utility relocations for private and municipal projects, which may include: conducting initial utility research; conducting utility meetings; obtaining utility relocation plans, cost estimates, and schedules; and tracking the completion of the utility relocations.
    • Review plans in preparation for the utility and right-of-way plan-in-hand meetings for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

Let L Eads LLC be the solution to all your utility relocation needs.